LKAE Celebrates Monthi Festh

🕓 September 12, 2015

Pics: Stephen D'Mello & Lancy Mendonca
Dubai, Sep 12: Lourdes Kanajar Association Emirates (LKAE) celebrated Monthi Fest at Winny's party hall Dubai on Friday, September 11, under the leadership of President Austin Barboza.

More than 100 Parishioners had gathered to celebrate the Monthi festh. Prayer to worship Mother Mary was led by Hilda D'Souza and group followed by offering flowers by children, young and elders while singing the hymns ‘Sakkad Sangatha Mellyan' and 'Moriyek Hogolsian'. Blessed Novem mixed in milk was served to all.

The program was compered by the duo, Franklin and Melwin who took charge of the entire proceedings with grace. A warm welcome was addressed to the gathering by Frank Lobo. The cultural programme commenced by Nisha D'Souza and Seema Sequeira with a warm-up session followed by dance performance by Seanna D'souza.

Various games for children, elders and couples were conducted by Edrin D'souza and Melvin Mathias. Alwyn D'souza introduced and welcomed new members arrived from Kanajar to the team. Vijay Barboza thanked the people for their continuous support towards Kanajarians. Senior Member, Thomas Sequeira conducted a quiz for the gathering.

Traditional food (Novem Jevaan) was served during the occasion by Winny's Restaurant. The programme concluded with grand baila by DJ Duos (DJ Wilfred and DJ Dallen). The gathering made all the Kanajar members to feel as a united family.

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