Monthi Feast Celebrations at Kanajar

🕓 September 8, 2014

Kanajar, Sep 8: The Nativity Feast, known as Monthi Fest in Konkani, which is the birthday of Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, also has the Mangalorean traditional and cultural significance as a harvest festival. For the Konkani Catholics of the west coast of India, whose ancestral occupation was agriculture, it is the time of the year to thank mother earth for the bounteous crop they received. In modern times it also the day of family reunion as the family members from far and wide gather and together they feast on the lunch of vegetables. For the children it is the feast of flowers as they get to offer a variety of flowers to Mother Mary.

The Catholic community of Kanajar celebrated the Monthi Feast with fervor at Lourdes Church Kanajar. The celebration began at 8:45 AM near the Madmalkal rock with the showering of flowers by the children in front of the image of infant Mary followed by the blessing of the new crop (paddy stalks) by the parish priest Rev. Fr. Alexander Lewis. In his homily the parish priest described the traditional importance of the festival. He called on the people to increase the respect given to the women in the family and also to build a good family wherein the parents and children understand their responsibilities.

Prizes were distributed to the winners of the games that were earlier conducted by ICYM Kanajar. Blessed paddy corn (novem) and sugarcane was distributed to all.

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