Udupi Diocese Bishop Dr. Gerald Lobo interacts with KWAK Members

đź•“ April 23, 2014

Kuwait, Apr 23: Members of Kanajar Welfare Association Kuwait (KWAK), along with their families came together to meet and greet the visiting bishop of Udupi diocese Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo on 23rd April 2014 at Mr. Melvin Mascarenhas residence. The bishop is in Kuwait on an invitation from Kuwait Canara Welfare Association of Kuwait (KCWA), which is scheduled to celebrate its 25th anniversary on Friday April 25.

Lordship Rev. Gerald Isaac Lobo was received by Mr. Antony Miranda, President & committee members on 23rd April Wednesday evening at 6.30 PM.

The programme started with a prayer offered by KWAK Secretary Mrs. Rinitha D’Souza. Ex. President Mr. Edward D’Souza escorted Rev. Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo & Fr. Noel Almeida, Assistant parish priest, St Daniel Comboni parish, Kuwait on to the dais. President Antony Miranda & Secretary Rinitha Dsouza welcomed the guests with floral bouquets.

President in his welcome speech welcomed the guests, committee members and their families. He also briefed about KWAK s contribution towards hometown, the needy parishioners and the poor children education fund in the previous 14 years.

Later Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo addressed the KWAK gathering. First he wished everyone on the special occasion of Octave of Easter. In his address, the bishop praised KWAK's service to mankind and also Kanajar Parishioners in helping the poor people of the diocese. He gave a brief introduction about the newly formed Udupi Diocese. Among his various visions, it his desire to elevate Udupi diocese to one of the top most dioceses in India. The bishop shared his views on various aspects and the vision of the newly formed Udupi diocese and expressed his desire to focus on education and representation of community in various fields in government and other sectors.

A general discussion followed between the bishop and the gathering. Evening snacks were served at the same time. Ex. President Mr. Melwin Mascarenhas thanked the guests, organizers and the attendees. Towards the end of the program Bishop offered a prayer & blessed the gathering.

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