LKAE Celebrates Feast of Nativity

🕓 September 9, 2011

Dubai, Sep 9: LKAE celebrated the feast of nativity on Friday the 9th of September at Winny's party hall, Dubai. The program started at 8.30 pm with a prayer led by Lavina Saldanha and group.

Nisha Lobo, a talented youngster from Kanajar started the proceedings in a traditional way. Children and adults alike offered flowers to Mother Mary whilst singing the hymns 'Sakkad Sangathha Melliyan' and 'Moriyek Hogolsiyan'.

LKAE President Joy D'Souza briefly welcomed the guests and the families present on the occasion. Thomas Saldanha spoke about the recent contributions made towards the needy parishioners, especially the education fund. Stan D'Souza spoke on the LKAE annual sports event to be held in the month of December. In their speech they thanked everyone for their invaluable support & contribution towards the welfare of our parishioners.

The food was prepared by Winny’s Restaurant, with a special vegetarian menu which is symbolic to the new harvest of coastal Karnataka. At the end of the program a housie game was conducted by Lawrence D’Souza.

The program was nicely conducted by Nisha Lobo who is an upcoming talent in singing, dancing as well as hosting shows. All in all, it was a memorable evening filled with fun & frolic.

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