Kanajar Doddamane Cries for Attention

🕓 April 27, 2010

Kanajar, Apr 27: Kanajar Doddamane having rich heritage and unique culture is the pride and dignity of all family members of this household. They trace the history of this household back to Nayara Heggade, the Arasu of Kanajar, who was ruler of 12 Magane’s (Villages). The Shwetha Chathra (White Umbrella), Hagalu Deevatige (Day light torch), Nela Pavadige (a white cloth which is spread before the ruler’s feet when he walks), possessed by Kanajar Pattada Heggade, are some of the wonderful living testimonials of sovereign ruler.

The history of the household dates back to over one thousand years. The unique wooden carvings, and huge pillars of wood in court hall once gave an impressive and luxurious look to this Doddamane house, but now this house is in a dilapidated state and portions of the house have already collapsed.

The Doddamane and Kanajar Brahmalingeshwar Temple have unique relationship. All rituals of the temple started from this Doddamane and the Pattada Heggade family received the first honors. Kambala - the buffalo race was the main attraction of Utsava - the annual festival of the temple. During the Utsava the Pattada Heggade of Doddamane is brought ceremoniously from the house and back to the temple daily with pomp and splendor. This tradition is being still continued.

Unfortunately, this magnificent structure of historical importance is in the verge of collapse and if it is left unattended, this rich cultural heritage will be a thing of the past. Some elders of the Doddamane family are concerned about their ancestral heritage and feel that it is high time that this prestigious symbol of their household be restored immediately to its original glory. They have appealed the heirs of Doddamane who are scattered all across the globe, to unite and support the cause of restoring this structure. Some of the family members have already reconstructed the Mula Naga Brahmasthaana, and Sri Brahmalingeshwara and Veerabhadra Melbanta Gudis with the help of other family members, villagers, and donors.

On the occasion of annual Nagabrahma Sthaana pooja which will be held on May 5, 2010, the family members will meet at 2pm at Sri Brahmalingeshwara Temple to discuss and take further steps to restore the Doddamane. The family has also extended an open invitation to their fellow family members, relatives, friends and well-wishers to attend this annual event.

For more information please contact:
Dr. YS Shetty, Mumbai
Mr. Ravi Shetty, Wadala-Mumbai
Mr. Shubhanand M Shetty, Mumbai M: 9769132313,
Mr. Ravi S Shetty, Mumbai M:9821116906
Mr. Sudhir Shetty, Kanajar M: 9141502033
Mr. Vivek Shetty, Belman/Kuwait M: +965-99574402/23985756

Reader Comments:

Sachin Shetty, Melbourne Jun 7 2011 10:56:45
Dear Kanajar family, please don't let your heritage die! Try to make a trust of your family and collect the share as per personal capacity. Renovate the house without spoiling the heritage values. You may contact Dr Alva of Moodubidri for guidance, or get some tips from Mr Dinakara Shetty (New Medicals) Kundapur. (skillful worker and guidance). He renovated his old house spending Rs. 25 lakh now it is a big asset for community as well as family. Now it's commercial value is of few crores.
It will be great tourist place within a decade. Even all Kanajar community can support for this venture to retain the history of the village.
- DK Heritage Lovers

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