Ace Spikers and Mangalore Konkans lift Kanajar Trophy

đź•“ December 2, 2009

Dubai, Dec 2: Ace Spikers and Mangalore Konkans have won the Lourdes Kanajar championship title for Volley ball & Throw ball games respectively, conducted on 2nd Dec 2009 at the Wonderers Club Sharjah. Being a national holiday in UAE, over 600 spectators mainly native Kannadigas witnessed this sports event that was played by over 180 participants.

The tournament proceedings began at 9.00 am and the guests present on this occasion were Fr Praveen Pinto from Bangalore, Frank Lobo-Galaxy Star Electromechanical Works LLC, Joseph Mathias-Merit Freight Systems, Sudhir Kumar Shetty- NMC Group, Boniface Carlo-SMKC coordinator, Walter Nandalike -, and Dayan D’Souza of Daijidubai. Gilbert Aranha introduced the guests and Stan D’Souza escorted them to the stage. LKAE President Joy D’Souza highlighted LKAE’s achievements in the recent past and expressed his sincere gratitude to sponsors as well as the participating teams for making this event possible. The respective captains along with LKAE members took part in the torch bearing ceremony that was ably conducted by Gilbert Aranha.

In the morning session, all the league matches, quarterfinals and semi-finals were played. A total of 12 volleyball and 6 throw ball teams took part in the league. A sumptuous buffet lunch was served to all spectators between 1.00 and 2 pm.

After the grand finale, trophies were distributed to both winning as well as runners-up teams and individual trophies were given to all finalists. John Menezes of Galaxy Star Electromechanical Works together with other dignitaries distributed the trophies.

Volleyball Final:

Ace Spikers B vs Younsters Nakre - won by Ace Spikers B
(25-19, 25-16)

Throwball Final:
Mangalore Konkans vs Kanariites Dubai - won by Mangalore Konkans
(15-13, 10-16, 15-13))

Volleyball individual trophies:
Best all rounder: Sameer (Ace Spikers)
Best Smasher: Salam (Ace Spikers)
Best Lifter: Elias (Youngsters Nakre)
Best Disciplined Team: Star One-A

Throw ball individual trophies:
Best all rounder: Genevieve D’Souza (Kanariites Dubai)
Best Smasher: Precilla Pinto (Mangalore Konkans)
Best Disciplined Team: Bunts Dubai

Gilbert Aranha a noted businessman and social worker ably conducted the tournament proceedings and Uttam Menezes replaced him during the morning session providing fun-filled interactive sessions with players as well as spectators.

LKAE expressed its sincere gratitude to all Volleyball referees led by Moidheen, who is a well known player in Dubai Duty Free and also Throw ball referees Sudhakar Alva, Melwyn & Merlyn D’Souza who have performed exceptionally well in executing their assigned tasks. The trophy & prize distribution was concluded well before 5.30 pm. The proceeds of the tournament will be sent to poor children education fund back in Kanajar where 14 children are currently pursuing secondary level & higher education, sponsored by Lourdes Kanajar (LKAE) with the help of their esteemed sponsors.

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