LKAE Celebrates Monthi Festh

🕓 September 13, 2008

Dubai, Sep 13: Lourdes Kanajar Association Emirates (LKAE) celebrated the feast of nativity on Saturday, September 13 at Winny's Restaurant Dubai. The program started at 8.00 pm with a special prayer session led by Merlyn D'Souza & group to commemorate Mother Mary's birthday.

The little children offered flowers in front of Mothers image while everyone chanted Marian hymns 'Sakkad Sangathha Melliyan' and 'Moriyek Hogolsiyan' in Konkani.

As the prayer session concluded, Aloysius D'Souza, a prominent member of LKAE took charge of the events. LKAE President, Joy D'Souza in his welcome speech, thanked everyone for their invaluable contribution towards the welfare of our parishioners.

Six new members were introduced by MC & presented with a memento by honorable president. A special issue of 'Lourdsache Zar' sponsored by LKAE was released on this occasion.

The mouth-watering food prepared by Winny’s, was served on traditional plantain leaves (shiroti), for everyone’s delight. The program was ably conducted by Aloysius D'Souza, it was concluded at 10.30 pm with all beautiful memories and abundant blessings from Mother Mary. The goals and achievements of LKAE in the recent past were the highlights of his concluding speech. The association has sponsored eight children this year who are currently pursuing higher studies in Karnataka. LKAE has always been helping the underprivileged, be it for studies, providing shelter or welfare of the people in and around Kanajar. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Stan D'Souza.

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Maria G Mendonca, USA Oct 9 2008 14:08:13
Very nice to see Kanajarians from UAE with the big group.
God bless you all.

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