KWAK Celebrates Christmas 2007

🕓 December 19, 2007

Kuwait, Dec 19: It is one of the rare occasions that Christmas is preceded by long Eid holidays and KWAK made perfect use of the opportunity to provide its members an occasion to interact with their fellow Parishioners. To add to the happiness was the perfect mild winter weather, homely atmosphere, entertainment for all and delicious food to suit the occasion.


Members of KWAK with their families arriving at the venue at 11AM were greeted and served snacks (chicken sandwiches) with soft drinks. After brief introduction of new members followed by free interaction between members, the scheduled program started at 11.30AM with the reciting of the Novena of Our Lady of Lourdes by Cultural Secretary. Soon followed children's game which was participated by a surprisingly large number of participants indicating the consistent growth of KWAK in Kuwait and won by Jasmine (first) and Zenal (second). Adults were equally enthusiastic in their bid to win a prize from the "fork and the ball" competition, which was won by Roshan D'Souza (former KWAK Secretary) and Eliyas Noronha (Second).

President addressing the gathering

The President addressing the gathering, updated members on the proposed new committee for 2008-2009 by announcing names but on the demand of members, it was decided that the tenure of the present committee will be extended till the scheduled mega event of KWAK on April 04, 2008 for which both present and proposed new committee will work hand in hand. Further, the President outlined the objective of the event, fund collection methods and responsibilities. On the progress front, the President informed the crowd that Masrah Hawalli Auditorium of capacity 700 has been booked for the scheduled date and the program is being worked out by the cultural committee. A media announcement will be made in the second week of January once the program, artists, guests list etc is finalized.

A speech competition was organized with the purpose of grooming public speakers for KWAK. Although some members hid behind the bush to avoid, a good number of members participated and the quality of talk which came out was unbelievably superb. Veteran member and one of the founders of KWAK, John D'Sa emerged winner.

Winner of Speech competition John D'Sa

Meanwhile, Chef Bona was all the while busy behind the Barbeque stand and the crowd was given a break to taste the sizzling chicken and other meat specialties with variety of Salads beautifully decorated.

After the Bingo, lunch of traditional Rice, Saar and side dishes was served and the program ended with distribution of prizes followed by vote of thanks.

The main theme of the event was "share the happiness". It was an event fully contributed in materials and shared in happiness by all members.

Judges for Speech competition: Lawrence Saldanha, Anthony Miranda & Lancy Mendonca

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