Mangalore Konkans and Ace Spikers lift Lourdes Kanajar Trophies - 2007

🕓 December 2, 2007

Dubai, Dec 2: Ace Spikers and Mangalore Konkans are the new champions of Lourdes Kanajar Volley ball & throw ball tournament that was played on 02nd Dec 2007. The final matches ended up in a nail biting finish where all the 4 teams displayed their exuberant qualities and nearly 700 people witnessed this sport.

As the teams started arriving at the venue, the breakfast was served between 8.00 am and 9.00 am.

The tournament proceedings started at 8.30 am and the guests present were Rev. Fr. Annie Xaviour of St. Michael's Church Sharjah, Joseph Mathias of Merit Freight Shipping Co, Frank Lobo of Galaxy Star Electromechanical Works L.L.C., Sudhir Kumar Shetty of U.A.E. Exchange Centre.

In the morning session, all the league matches as well as the quarterfinals were played before lunch. A total of 12 volleyball and 9 throw ball teams took part in the competition.

Volley Ball Final:

Ace Spikers vs Friday 8-10 Abudhabi - won by Ace Spikers (26-24, 25-13)

Throw Ball Final:
Mangalore Konkans vs Jashan Dubai - won by Mangalore Konkans (15-4, 15-8)

Volley ball individual trophies:
Best all rounder: Leslie Mendonca (Youngsters Nakre)
Best Spiker: Deeraj Bangera (Ace Spikers)
Best Lifter: Guru Prasad (Friday 8-10 Abudhabi)
Best Disciplined Team: St. Lawrence

Throw ball individual trophies:
Best all rounder: Sneha Poojary (Jashan Dubai)
Best Smasher: Shalini Cutinho (Mangalore Konkans)
Best Disciplined Team: K.C.O. Abudhabi

LKAE President Alwyn D'Souza accompanied the guests to the stage to give away the trophies. LKAE senior member Stanley D'Souza proposed vote of thanks and he thanked all the sponsors as well as well wishers for making this event a great success.

A brief felicitation program was conducted to honor Gilbert Aranha who have been a great support to all the tournaments being played in the U.A.E. LKAE senior member Thomas Saldanha felicitated him with a shawl and a memento.

A raffle draw was conducted in the evening session and few senior members distributed the prizes to these lucky winners.

The following are the raffle prizewinners:
First prize- Handycam: Peter Lobo (ticket no. 0036)
Second prize- Nikai LCD Television: Nisha Barboza (ticket no. 0289)
Third prize- Sony Ericsson Mobile: Juliet (ticket no. 0407)
Fourth prize: Continental wrist watch: Dhol (ticket no. 0364)
Fifth prize: DVD player: Melwyn D'Souza (ticket no. 0103)

Consolation prizes:
DVD player: Arun D'Souza Ticket no. 0601
DVD player: Honerio D'Souza Ticket no. 1070

The tournament proceedings were ably conducted by Gilbert Aranha, an enthusiast and a well known entrepreneur in Dubai. Lourdes Kanajar Association is grateful to Gilbert, Melwyn Lewis and Sudhakar Alva, Rajan Lewis for their unstinted support at all times.

It was once again for the fourth time in succession the excellent display of professionalism in Organizing the entire event that it was so time bound that the prize distribution was concluded well before 5.00 PM.

LKAE extends its gratitude in a special way to the Referees of Volleyball Tournament led by Moidheen, who is well known as Dubai Duty Free player and in Throw ball tourney Sudhakar Alva, Micheal Castelino, Ivan Quadra, Melwyn who have displayed excellent skills in carrying out their assigned tasks.

The proceeds of the tournament will be sent to poor children education fund back in Kanajar where 8 children are currently undergoing secondary level & higher education, sponsored by Lourdes Kanajar (LKAE).

As the tournament came to an end, the spectators as well as the participating teams once again congratulated the Organizing Committee for making this event delightfully attractive year after year. In response, LKAE promised to continue with the same tournament in the coming years.

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