KWAK Celebrates Monthi Fest

🕓 September 21, 2007

Kuwait, Sep 21: Monthi Fest commemorating the Nativity of our Mother Mary and the consuming of newly produced crop is regarded as a happy family festival where families and communities come together for a joyful celebration. Kanajar Welfare Association Kuwait, also known as Lourdes Kanajar Zamath Kuwait members met at the residence of Mr. & Mrs Rose Mendonca, General Secretary's residence on Friday 21st September for the celebration and had a wonderful time filled with the joy of cooking, dining, chatting, fun, jokes and lot of other things which turned out to be memorable event for the otherwise quiet Kanajar Community in Kuwait.

The program started at around 12 noon with Novena of Our Lady of Lourdes followed by Monthi Fest Hymns. The President then introduced guests and new members to the crowd. A housie game sponsored by hosts M/s Mendonca was played to the usual excitement of members. Soon followed the delicious meal served in traditional way on banana leaves, reminding the age old heritage of our ancestors. Over a dozen members were involved in the preparation of a variety of items ranging from Pickle to Vorn, including AluDento, Alsande, Bende, Podvolen, Karathen, Sono-Thendlim, Koromb etc in exactly the same way as we would celebrate in our native Kanajar. Thanks to all those who worked hard to make this occasion the most pleasant.

Apart from the Celebration, there was also serious discussion dealing with members' welfare and future of the Association. The president in his emotional appeal to members advised them to ignore their individual weaknesses and focus on their strengths towards improving their quality of life. For those who feel that they are content with what they have achieved, he said, Sky is the limit for an individual to progress in his life provided that we offer ourselves to face challenges and constantly work on opportunities. He invited younger generation to come forward and lead the organization constructively for the overall development of their homeland and its people.

As regards upcoming programs of the Association, it was proposed that KWAK should stage a Konkani drama in the month of December/January for which a committee has been formed, which will meet on October 5, at the residence of the President.

The celebration concluded with Laudathe at around 5PM.

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