Kuwait Kanajarians Celebrate Monthi Fest with Enthusiasm

🕓 September 15, 2006

Kuwait, Sep 15: Over 55 members of Kanajar Community gathered at the residence of Mrs & Mr. Lancy Mendonca (KWAK General Secretary Rose Mendonca) on Friday the 15th September to celebrate the Monthi Fest in a most traditional way, bringing back memories of childhood. Despite logistical constraints, the hosts Mendonca family have been extremely generous in organizing such an event which reminds us of the Bible episode in which Jesus Christ, with 2 fish and 5 breads could serve over 5,000 people. The Zamath whole-heartedly expresses it's gratitude to the family.

The program started with a brief welcome by the President Mr. Lawrence Saldanha followed by the Novena Prayer of Our Lady of Lourdes. Children then gathered to offer flowers to the new born Mother Mary with the Hymn "Sokkod Sangatha Melyam", which charged everyone with the spirit of the auspicious occasion.

Members then came forward in families or single to introduce themselves with the identities of their grand parents or parents back home so as to establish new relationships among members. A Bingo game fully sponsored by the hosts was then conducted for the amusement of the gathering.

Then came the turn of the delicious "Novem" food prepared by none other than KWAK members themselves and served on traditional banana leaves.

The Zamath takes this opportunity to thank following members, who offered their precious time and resources to prepare the food:

Lancy Rose Mendonca - Main hosts, Premises, Housie gifts sponsorship, Alu Dento Preparation and overall logistical support
Lucy Machado - Vorn (Novem served with vorn)
Anil Reshma Britto - Rice & Pickle
Marian Jyothi Fernandes - Gosalem
Shalet D'Souza - Alsande
Reeda Saldanha - Bhende
Valerian Veena Rebello - Beans
Denis D'Souza - Karathem
Deepak/Edward - Chana/Thendlim (plus Deepak Service-in-charge & Edward Program-in-charge)
Benedict - Thabula (Arabic salad) & Kitchen in-charge
Anthony Miranda - Snacks
Apoline - Aludento + Shirothyo (carried all the way from Mangalore)
Robert D'Souza - Aludento (carried all the way from Kanajar)

Lourdes Zamath Kuwait thanks each and everyone who contributed to the program including those whose names may be missed out in the list.

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