LKAE Celebrates Monthi Fest

🕓 September 8, 2006

Dubai, Sep 8: LKAE members numbering about 70 came together with their families and friends on Friday the 8th September at Winny's Restaurant (Karama) Dubai to celebrate the Monthi Fest. The program started at 1.00 pm with a special prayer session by Thomas Saldanha marking the occasion of Nativity of Mother Mary.

The children with flowers in hand, surrounded mother Mary's image and they kept singing the most joyful song "Moriyek Hogolsiyan" on the occasion of her birthday.

As the prayer session concluded, Thomas Saldanha, a prominent member of LKAE took charge of days events by initially welcoming the audience. He then called upon LKAE President, Mr. Lawrence D'Souza to speak a few words on the occasion.

Lawrence D'Souza in his welcome speech thanked everyone for accepting the invitation and for having been a part of this great celebration. The goals and achievements of LKAE in the recent past, were the highlights of his speech that is helping the poor children back home. A total of seven children are currently perusing higher studies in India with most of them in the Nursing colleges. The association has always been helping the needy people, one such example being the recently built houses for two downtrodden Christian families of Kanajar parish.

The M.C. then introduced all the new members and called upon LKAE President to felicitate them with flower bouquets. A Housie game was played, immediately followed by lunch at 2.15 pm. The mouth-watering food specially prepared for the occasion by Winny's, was then served on traditional planton leaves (shirothi), which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

The program was ably conducted by Thomas Saldanha which came to an end at 3.30 pm with all beautiful memories of this celebration and abundant blessings from Mother Mary.

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