Lourdes Kanajar Open Volleyball and Throwball - 2005

🕓 December 2, 2005

Dubai, Dec 2: The tournament to commemorate Our Lady of Lourdes Feast (Kanajar) back home, was a great success. It was organized by Lourdes Kanajar Association of Emirates to mark their 5th Anniversary in the U.A.E. Like last year this year too there were a total of 17 teams participating in the games (10 in Volley ball and 7 in throw ball category) and such a big number really boosted Kanajarians morale to venture into such events year after year.

Thomas Sequeira, President LKAE, honoring the chief guest Sarvothama Shetty

Fr. Cyprian D'Souza receiving "Mann Potr" from Thomas Sequeira

Mr. Gilbert Aranha - MC welcomed the participants as well as the spectators, followed by Mr. Aloysius D'Souza - sports sec. of LKAE welcoming the Chief guests and explaining the purpose of this event. Mr. Thomas Sequeira, President of LKAE in his speech welcomed & introduced the guests and gave a brief on Lourdes Kanajar Association which supported a charitable hospital for the needy and poor, back in Mangalore. This year, 6 students were sponsored by the association for studies.

Fr.Cyprian D'souza inaugurated the function with his blessings and prayers and declared open the tournament (Fr. D'souza was returning to Mangalore after 8 ½ years of service in Dubai). Mr. Sarvothama Shetty, the President of Karnataka Sangha, Abu Dhabi was the chief guest for today's event. "Throw Ball and Volley Ball are one of the most entertaining games and also most played game in the West Coast of Karnataka" said Mr. Sarvothama Shetty.

Mr. Austin, the team captain of the hosts took the oath which was followed by all the players. Mr. Sarvothama Shetty and Fr. Cyprian D'souza both walked to the volleyball & throw ball courts and pitched the ball to officially start the tournament.

The finals between Bunts Dubai & defending Champions Mangalore Konkans which went on for almost two hours was a superb exhibition of sport. Both the teams exhibited their overall skills to the cheering crowd. This victory is a sweet revenge for the Bunts Women and will take them as one of the greatest teams of the Gulf. The excited & vocal supporters enjoyed every moment of this smashing final. In the Semi Finals the Mangalore Konkans defeated arch rivals Jashan Dubai (21-16). And the Bunts Dubai defeated United Friends (21-7). All together seven teams participated in this exciting tournament.

Throwball Champions: Bunts Dubai

In the Volley ball finals, the two teams who reached the finals were Millennium Metal and defending Champions Karaval Milan. They played a fabulous match ahead in a nail biting finish. The cup was clinched by Millennium Metal, under the captaincy of Mr. Rohan D'cunha.

Volleyball Champions: Millenium Metals

The chief guest and the sponsors gave away the awards to the winners and also to the best individual performers during the game:
Men's' Volleyball Tournament:
Best All rounder - Balakrishna (Friday 8-10, Abu Dhabi) Best Smasher - Mohammed Shafi (Millennium Metal) Best Lifter - Sunil D'souza (Karaval Milan) Best Disciplined team - Friday 8-10 Abu Dhabi
Women's Throw Ball tournament:
Best All rounder - Shashi Shetty (Bunts Dubai) Best Smasher - Precilia Suvaris (Mangalore Konkans) Best Service - Nalini K. (Jashan) Best disciplined team - Sharjah Stars

All the referees were appreciated for their hard work and efforts to make this tournament a remarkable success.

Mr. Gilbert Aranha, the enthusiastic sport lover was the voice behind the tournament assisted by LKAE's senior members Aloysius D'souza, Stanley D'Souza and Thomas Saldanha. Vera Barboza read out the sponsors list and thanked them for supporting this worthy cause. The lunch was prepared by Canara Restaurent, Karama and the organizers offered this free of cost for all the sport lovers who were present. The total numbers of spectators were around six hundred at lunch time. Mr. Stanley D'souza concluding the event for the day gave the Vote of Thanks. Thus ends one of the well organsied sports event of 2005 and kudos to the organsers,the participants and the enthusiastic crowd.

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