Lourdes Kanajar Open Volleyball and Throwball

🕓 December 3, 2004

Dubai, Dec 3: High spirited Kanajareans in the UAE organized one of the spectacular games event of the year 'Lourdes Kanajar Open Volleyball and Throwball Tournament' here at Al Nabooda grounds on December, 2 Thursday.

President Aloysius D'Souza with the distinguished Guests

Mangalore Konkans, the high profile throw ball team once again proved that they are the best in the UAE by beating Jashan Dubai 15-6, 15-2 in straight sets in a sensational finals. Mangalore Konkans displayed superb talents in the court through out the day. This is the 7th title for Mangalore Konkans out of 13 played so far. Karaval Milan displayed perfect Volleyball skills in the same ground to lift men's Volleyball championship. They beat RATSKY Dubai, who was another strong contender for the trophy.

The day kicked off by 8.30 am with a very enthusiastic start with all the teams lining up for the opening ceremony. After having welcomed all the teams, the President Aloysious D'Souza in his speech welcomed all the team members, captains as well as team managers, thanked all the sponsors and cited the activities charitable as well as recreation undertaken by Kanajar here in the UAE. Fr. Cyprian D'Souza inaugurated the sports and declared it open wishing all the teams 'Best of Luck'. No doubt that even Almighty had blessed the day as it was very pleasant and there was a cool breeze blowing all the while cooling the heated faces of the participants.

The games started off at 9.30 am with four teams in the throw ball courts as well as four teams in the volley ball courts. The courts were organized so well that each team could completely concentrate totally on their opponent. Each team took on their game seriously and certainly tried to make the best of it. Each and every team strived to do well and be a winner. But at the end of the day, there can only be two teams. All the spectators as well as the participants were busy enjoying themselves as the weather, atmosphere, as well as the mood was perfectly made for the day.

The real heat of the day started after lunch when the semi-finals and finals started. Here one could see the spectators select their favourite teams and cheering them all the way with different types of musical instruments, even empty water bottles. The enthusiasm and challenge was so electrifying that onlookers refused even to sit. It was really great to see the crowd so engrossed and full of sport.

The referees, the linesmen as well as scorers did an excellent job of being fair and just to all the teams and KWA organizing team is very grateful to Mr. Gilbert Aranha & Mr. Melwyn Lewis for their strong support even prior to the tournament. Their contribution was certainly well appreciated by the spectators too.

KWA organizing committee has sincerely expressed their gratitude to all their sponsors which was clearly evident by the announcements made throughout the day & display of banners. A day well organized full of fun, excitement and sportsman spirit was what the crowd enjoyed at Lourdes Kanajar open tournament and wished for more such fun in days to come.

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