KWAE Easter Celebration

🕓 April 17, 2004

Dubai, Apr 17: The members of Kanajar Welfare Association celebrated Easter on Thursday, 15th of April at Al Mas hotel, Dubai. As most of the people attended the Easter mass on Sunday, the celebration was kept for Thursday night so that people from other parts of UAE could attend. It is an occasion to commemorate Lord's passion and share the joy of his resurrection with fellow Christians.

Aloysius D'Souza & Ivan D'Souza

The program started off at 9.00 pm with a special prayer session and hymns in remembrance of our Savior Lord Jesus. The entertainment committee led by Mr. Thomas Saldanha was prompt in delivering various events specially organized for this night.

Aloysius D'Souza, President of KWA welcomed the guests and the members present. He then highlighted few recent achievements of KWA and urged fellow members to work for the community at large. It is worth mentioning that KWA has been a generous contributor to various projects back home and the association has helped its members in UAE when they are in absolute crisis. The association collected a sum of Rs. 50,000 from its members and was sent to the bereaved family of late Alphonse Menezes who died in Dubai last month. Newly joined members of KWA were called on stage to receive a bouquet from the President. Ex-President Thomas Saldanha was honored with a flower bouquet for his outstanding achievements during his tenure. Visiting founder members of KWA global, Lawrence Saldanha and Lawrence D'Souza were also called to receive a memento from our President.

Thomas Sequiera & Vijay Barboza

The President then introduced the MC, Thomas Sequeira who then took over the rest of the programme. Ivan D'Souza, Gen. Secretary read out the report and highlighted few points from KWA's last General Body Meeting held at Shezan Restaurant in the month of February. Various games were held to keep the celebration mood alive; Adults & children alike participated in all events and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. As Hindi films are a influence to our community, KWA girls Ashley & Dalia left no stone unturned to imitate Urmila / Preity Zinta to the foot tapping tunes of "Babooji zara dheere chalo" and "It's the time to disco".

The Barboza twins Edson & Verrell, most popular and young musicians in our community showcased their talent and played few memorable hits of Konkan Kogul Wilfy and other popular artistes. 'Khushi zaatha', 'Mangluranthle komble ami', 'Ani makaa naa kain unnem' are to name a few. Stanley D'Souza & Edward Barboza played a skit of 2 villagers Pasku and his daiji, which enthralled the audience.

In the concluding part of the program, a bingo was conducted by the MC. Vijay Barboza then proposed vote of thanks and expressed his gratitude on behalf of KWA, to our members cum sponsors. A sumptuous buffet dinner was served after the Housie, catered by Canara restaurant, Karama. Gifts were distributed at the end of every event and thus the program was successfully concluded at 1.30 am.

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