KWAE Celebrates 'Vodlem Fest' in Style

🕓 December 5, 2003

Dubai, Dec 5: Kanajar Vodlem Fest went off with a big bang. It was a bright and shinning day and certainly the twinkling stars were smiling on all Kanjarians.

The program commenced at 11:45 AM with the welcome speech and prayer song. Soon after which to grace the occasion there was a delightful dance by the kids known as DISCO enough to wake up any guests who were still not fully awake. The dance was performed by Ashley, Bianca, Dalia and Liza.

Felicitation Programme

The felicitation for the generous sponsors was done very systematically and graciously. The felicitations began with Fr. Cyprian. The Main Sponsors of the event were then invited on stage presented with a bouquet of flowers as their background as well as their current state of affairs was cited, similarly the Co- Sponsors were also invited on stage. Not forgetting our gracious Benefactors as well as Well -wishers whose contributions were equally important and essential for the event to be a grand success.

Lawrence Saldanha speaks

The grand occasion for the day was the honoring of Fr. Cyprian for his wonderful contributions to the Konkani speaking committee. He was presented with a shawl and then bestowed with a lasting momento by the President - Mr. Thomas Saldanha to the standing ovation of the guests. Certainly an episode worth remembering.

Lawrence Saldanha, Chairman of Lourdes Kanajar Chartiable Trust was present and gave a quick rundown of all the accomplishments so far to the credit of Kanajar Association. It is due to him that the association is widespread in more than 6 GCC countries all over the world.

Section of the crowd

Among all this hurry and slurry a lot of spot prizes were distributed among all the guests. Vijay Barboza gave an excellent performance re-enacting the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary befitting for the occasion. His all over the world performance experience is the backbone for his outstanding presentation. The two Young talented Kanajarians Edson and Verrell Barboza too were there with an action filled song VIZA giving hopes to all those who are aspiring to come to DUBAI - The city of Gold.

Scene from "Dham..Dhim..Dhum..." Konkani play

Pavs yevncho zaala song was beautifully done by the good looking Kanjarian ladies - Lavina, Juliet, Jyothi, Rima and Dona. Yes, in fact pavs (rain) was in the air but thank fully it turned out to be a wonderful day.

In the midst of all these events the Belle Vision band gave a good performance for which by lunchtime, people's feet were itching to get on to the floor and dance to some good feet tapping Konkani numbers so much that they braved to miss the delicious lunch which was being served by lunch time. Everyone enjoyed the lunch and relaxed for quite bit of an hour until it was time again for the next event of the day which was a doull - baje song danced to superbly by Ashley and Bianca - winners of many awards in many competitions which kept the guests awake from siesta time.

Belle Vision band

From time to time humurous skits kept the spirit of the crowd light and lively - energetic enough to carry on for the rest of the day. The main highlight of the day widely announced and awaited for the - Drama DHAM DHIM DHUM written by CGS Takode and directed by Alphonse Boliye opened its curtains to the eagerly awaiting audience that had them laughing until their sides were hurting. The performance of all the participants was highly appreciated and enjoyed by all present.

On the whole the function was a great success amicably conducted by the Masters of Ceremony - Frank and Vera.

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