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 Mary Goretti Mendonca Aug 16 2007 13:17:40
Congratulations!!! I am glad to know that Kanajar parish has released the CD Neketr Phanteachem. I am sure it will be wonderful. Hope I will get one of those when I come down to Kanajar. Please give the information in the website how can we buy it.

 Lawrence Saldanha Jul 29 2007 20:52:43
Congratulations to Mable Nazareth on being elected as vice-President of the Parish Council. While the entire country is struggling to allow 33% reservation for women, Kanajar Parish has shown full confidence in the leadership of Women term after term. Thanks to the Parish Priest for motivating women. Clearly, there is an acute shortage of able men to lead the Parish.

 Lawrence Saldanha Jul 23 2007 22:27:23
Dear Editor,
I just happened to see the beautiful picture of Murngi River re-energized. This picture is very close to my heart as I have peddled my bicycle over the same dam for over 2 years under heavy downpours at times. By the way, your newly designed front page is very impressive and perhaps more frequent updating will attract more visitors. Good work and well done.
Best regards,
Lawrence Saldanha

 Loyed Preetham D'Souza Jul 13 2007 15:58:39
It's nice to see our Kanajarian website.... Hi to all!!!

 Gaurav Shetty Jun 13 2007 14:13:01
Hello everybody!
It's my pleasure to give comments on this site. Will have to really appreciate whatever the work done is absolutely amazing. Will be going to Kanajar and will surely bring some snaps which will help in improving this site...
Thanks to everybody involved in this site.

 Edward Jun 12 2007 06:28:13
Hi Prakash,
Its really nice to see our Kanajar website and you have done a great job. Thanks for providing lots of information.
Is it possible to get the telephone number or any contact details of Subash Chandra Shetty? (Son of Boji Master, Lourdes Primary School Kanajar)
All the best and continue your good work.

 Mary Goretti Mendonca Mar 7 2007 14:34:01
Dear Parishioners,
World wide web site of Kanajar Church and events is very interesting information for those who are out of Kanajar especially outside the country. May Our Lady of Lourdes bless all Kanajarians throughout the world.
God Bless KANAJAR.

 Prakash Saldanha Feb 11 2007 11:34:00
Dear all,
Wishing you a very happy and a blessed parish feast.

 Walter D'Silva Oct 12 2006 14:42:25
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