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 Ravi D'Souza Sep 15 2006 10:40:05
Hats off Kanajar! Panchvya Varsache Hardhik Shubhashay! Keep moving!

 Lawrence Saldanha Jun 28 2006 20:52:05
Dear Sr. Victoria,
As I understand from Kanajar.com, you have arrived in Kanajar for the service of the people of Kanajar. A warm welcome to you and wishing you a successful mission in Kanajar.
Best regards,
Lawrence Saldanha Kanajar

 Lawrence Saldanha Jun 28 2006 20:48:41
Dear Sr. Lynette,
Although I am not too happy that you are leaving Kanajar after a short tenure of 2 years, I understand from Parents of your students that you had found a place in the heart of every student, whom you taught and their parents. I am sure, as a non-resident, you have been a special guest to all our Parishioners. I wish to thank you for your memorable service to the people of Kanajar both professionally and spiritually, ask sincere pardon if we have erred against you in any way and then wish you all that is best in your new and future assignments.
Lawrence Saldanha Kanajar

 Lawrence Saldanha Jun 28 2006 20:41:24
This is a special message of welcome to Sr. Milberga to Kanajar. Readers, please convey to Sr. Milberga.
Dear Sr. Milberg,
I am glad that you are back in Kanajar after 40 years. I still remember your golden tooth, which used to magically float in your mouth. At the age of 8 (in II Std), it was nothing but a miracle for me. A warm welcome to the New Look Kanajar and I am sure, you will enjoy your stay this time. I wish you good health, peace, happiness and success in your mission in Kanajar.

 Joyer Noronha, Kinnigoli Jun 20 2006 18:57:57
Dear Kanajar parishioners,
Your website is nice, goodlooking and informative.
best rgds

 Sachin D'Souza Mar 23 2006 20:52:34
Dear Kanajarians,
We were very happy to see somewhere the souveneir brought out by the ICYM in memory of its silver jubilee. And especially, a particular page which contained the photos of some achievers of your ICYM. But we were sad to note that no mention of one Mr. Harold Monis is made anywhere. So far as we know, he was a II Rank holder of B.Com. and a III rank holder in M.Com.? Wasn't he a member of your ICYM.? At present, he is working as a lecturer in our college (Milagres college,Kallianpur) and he has always been an active motivator to the youth of our college.

 Harischandra Achari Mar 14 2006 13:22:27
Good information... nice work..

 Lawrence Saldanha Jan 1 2006 16:14:30
Dear Rev. Fr. Alwyn D'Cunha Parish Priest and Parishioners of Kanajar Lourdes Parish,
Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2006.
Let us sincerely implement the lessons we learnt from our mistakes in 2005 to make 2006 a year of success & happiness for all of us.
With kind regards,
Lawrence Saldanha & family

 Lawrence Saldanha Dec 24 2005 18:24:32
Dear Rev. Fr. Alwyn D'Cunha, Members of Lourdes Zamath Worldwide and Parishioners of Kanajar,
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. May the message of Christmas brightened with light of joy become the purpose our daily life.
With best wishes,
Lawrence Saldanha & family

 Rose Mendonca Dec 11 2005 10:34:09
We, the Board of Directors of Lourdes Hospital, Kanajar extend our hearty congratulations to the Management of Alva's Education Foundation on the successful inauguration of Alva Lourdes Hospital. We pray to Almighty God and Our Lady of Lourdes to shower Their blessing on the Hospital and the staff. We sincerely hope that the Hospital reaches new Heights under the new management.
Yours Sincerely,
On behalf of Lourdes Hospital Board of Directors,
Rose Mendonca
General Secretary,
Lourdes Hospital

 Sangeetha D'Souza Sep 10 2005 16:47:51
Dear ones,
Its great to hear about Kanajar. All the best.

 Vidyanand Vittal Shetty Jun 25 2005 20:31:21
Good information

 Louis D'Souza, Muscat May 26 2005 11:23:06
Wow! What a great site developed for Kanajarians, really its amazing.
God bless & thanks to all
Good Luck

 Wilfred Sunil Menezes Apr 23 2005 22:43:30
Hi all
Good site, wish u all seasonal greetings
thank u
Wilfred Sunil Menezes

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