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 Edward Prakash D'Souza Apr 21 2005 21:27:01
Dear Vinod
I am very happy about ur reply. But my suggestion is that we have to appoint some good rep. from Kanajar to send regular reports to the authorized person. And my second request is well wishers of Kanajar please send ur greetings and messages to the site. And share ur thoughts with others. And my special request is we have to make the name of Kanajar to shine everywhere.
With regards,

 Vinod Saldanha (USA) Apr 11 2005 04:08:42
Your request is genuine Eddu, but you haven't provided any suggestions. Well, I would suggest that in this website we should cover the events at our home town Kanajar, such as parish events, ICYM activities, Friend's club events, etc. We need representatives from these organizations who would send the reports to the webmaster regularly.
Another interesting thing would be to start a literature column on this website. It could be like an online magazine where people could post articles, poetry or any other interesting stuff in Konkani, English or any other language. I propose Eddu to be the editor of this column. Anybody who would second it please?

 Edward Prakash D'Souza Apr 4 2005 20:27:10
Dear Kanajar friends,
Warm wishes from Eddu kanajar.
wish u all seasonal greetings.
my request is please update the Kanajar.com regularly because i am opening the site daily but I didn't see new massages.
thank u,

 Precilla Sep 28 2004 17:59:13
Hi Melwin, this is Precilla from Mumbai. Congratulations. Can I have your email id.
Hello Ivan,
How are you? Can I have your email id.?

 Lawrence Saldanha Aug 25 2004 17:07:17
Dear KWAK family members,
First of its kind association of all Mangalorean Associations has been established with 6 of the 7 Mangalorean Catholic Konkani Associatiions joining hand and it was important for KWAK to be part of it in view of future cooperation from other Associations for our own existence. Konkan Utsav 2004 is the first of its kind opportunity for Mangaloreans to meet at single premises. The day long function will be a show of talents from various organizations and I would appeal all of you to attend the program. As KWAK, we are given 150 adult tickets @KD2/- each and 50 children @KD1/- each including lunch coupon and books of each containing 15 adults +5 children are available with Rose, Roshan, Jessy, Inas, Reeda, Leena, Pramila. As other Associations are also selling these tickets, I would request you to reserve your own ticket as well as sell remaining to your other family members and friends at the earliest possible before some one else sells.
KWAK participation in the program is as follows:
We are allowed 45 minutes on stage, during which following events will be presented.
- Astra Saldanha will pose with Bharatanatyam posture to introduce Presidents of each association
- Astra will present a 10-15 minutes Bharatnatyam dance to be sequenced immediately after the introduction
- Glen, Astra and Zenita will present a Hindi dance number for about 5 minutes
- Melissa and Melinda (Children of Leena Fernandes, Ranganpalke) will present a Hindi dance number for 5 minutes
- Lawrence, Reeda and Lancy Rodrigues will present a 15 minutes comedy skit.
These items will be sequenced randomly during the whole day program.
Meanwhile, KWAK members of KCKC, please note that a meeting of KCKC is scheduled for 4th Sept at 7:30 PM at Lawrence Saldanha's residence.

 Rose Mendonca Jul 8 2004 16:17:03
Lourdes Hospital Management Committee, Staff Members and Kanajar Welfare Association Members extend their heartfelt condolences to Mr. Leo D'Souza, Bailur and his family, on the sad demise of his beloved wife Mrs. Celestine D'Souza.
We pray Almighty God to rest her soul in peace. Leo Bab, may you and your family derive comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone in your bereavement but all your friends share your great loss.
Rose Mendonca
General Secretary
Lourdes Hospital, Kanajar

 Oliver & Jyothi, Bermuda Jun 24 2004 22:51:30
Hi Melwin
We just want to wish u goodluck as president of KWAK.

 Irene FERNANDES Mar 18 2004 15:03:48
Can I please have the residence number of Mr. Henry MONIS of Shanti Villa (son of Piedade and Dominique MONIS) - Thanks in advance.

 Vinod Saldanha, Bangalore Dec 28 2003 07:58:10
Dear all,
Season's Greetings to all of you !!!

 Lawrence Saldanha Dec 25 2003 08:11:53
My dear members and families of Lourdes Kanajar Zamath and all Kanajarians,
On the joyful occasion of the Birth of our Lord Jesus, I on behalf of myself and my family, wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
I sincerely pray to Lord almighty to bless our sincere efforts in establishing a prosperous Kanajar and may all our individual dreams come true.
Best regards
Lawrence Saldanha

 President & Members - KWAK, Kuwait Dec 5 2003 15:46:33
Dear President, members & well wishers of Kanajar Welfare Association Dubai,
On this happy occasion of your celebration of VODLE FEST of Our Lady of Lourdes Church Kanajar on 5th Dec. at Dubai, we wish you all a very happy Feast. May our Lady of Lourdes bless all of us and keep us united at all times. Have nice day!!!!

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