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 Lawrence Saldanha Aug 3 2003 17:17:39
Dear Prakash/Vinod,
Thanks for being so proactive to pick up the vacancies information from Daijidubai and post it in Kanajar.com. I am guilty of not providing the information direct to you. Well done.

 Lawrence Saldanha Jul 23 2003 07:17:01
Dear Prakash/Vinod,
What a marvelous job! Unbelievable. I can see there are hidden talents around in our own neighborhood, which need to be encouraged. In order to improve the site further, please propose an advertisement tariff list, which I will try to promote within the business community. I can assure you of my own contribution once the tariff is decided. Meanwhile, it may be worthwhile posting other existing and new Educational Institutions such as Lourdes Higher Primary School, Anand Shetty Govt. High School, Eliyal School, Little Flower English Medium School etc and the Shrine on top of Hadankoli. Projects in the pipeline are Home for Aged behind the hospital, preparatory work for which has already begun (road, cleaning etc.) A 60-plot housing layout right in front of the hospital to be launched in January 2004.
Well done. Keep it up.
Best regards
Lawrence Saldanha

 Lawrence Saldanha May 21 2003 18:04:22
Dear all readers,
Please note that the date of the picnic has been changed (preponed) to 3rd October (instead of 10th October)
Prakash, thanks for the announcement.
Best regards
Lawrence Saldanha

 Walter D'Silva May 4 2003 01:37:35
Hi All,
I'll be going to India on the 8th of May from Doha-Qatar.
If anything to be carried to Kanajar (related to hospital or church), you can deliver it to me.
Tel: 4836282 Ext 303 (O)
4350968 (R)

 Elias Menezes Mar 29 2003 10:23:15
Dear Kanajarians
Good site, Nice work.
Best of luck for your hospital project.
Keep the work moving.

 Lawrence Saldanha Mar 24 2003 22:46:01
Dear fellow Kanajarians,
Another milestone in our race towards progress. Kanajar.com has now provided an opportunity to Kanajarians to express their constructive opinion freely on various matters contributing to our main objective. Kanajarians should take advantage of this facility for which our webmaster Prakash Saldanha is dedicating his time. I am sure, increased participation by fellow Kanajarians will further encourage him to come up with attractive information packages such as Talent Search, Educational/ Cultural Excellence, Literature, Language, Sports, Real Estate, Job opportunities etc. Although the website currently sponsored by KWAK has been created for the benefit of Kanajarians, non-Kanajarians are also welcome to share their views with us. Prakash Saldanha is doing an excellent job and let us offer our full support. Please forward informative material for publication to Prakash, who will review and publish accordingly.
Best regards
Lawrence Saldanha

 Jecintha Pinto Mar 21 2003 23:27:08
Dear Kanajarians of Kuwait
have a good day!
If any of you traveling to Kanajar any time, I would appreciate if you could give me a call as we have always some urgent document to the Parish Priest of Kanajar.
my tel: 4341594 or 6238541
Thanks/best regards
Jecintha Pinto, Kuwait

 Rose Mendonca Mar 19 2003 23:09:45
Hi Ronald, Thanks for your compliments. Without each one of your support I would not have achieved anything. This is our first step. Let us work united in the future as well.

 Ronald D'Souza Mar 18 2003 18:47:02
Hi Kanajarians...
I saw your Souvenir. Nice work by editor Rose Mary.
Hats off Rose!

 Prakash Saldanha Mar 17 2003 17:44:56
Hi all
Test message from Prakash

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