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 Gretta Sahane, Mumbai Dec 4 2011 13:24:24
Greetings Kanajarian parishioners,
A wonderful site to visit, and learn the updates on the church. Proud to have been once a part of this Church, and learn the Word of God under the guidance of Parish Priest - Fr.Charles Saldanha (Fr.Charlie)
Truly commendable work! Wish you all the best in future!

Love and Regards,
Gretta & Mathew, Lucy & John Nazareth, Milliona & Richard, Rachael,Marcelline & Apoorv
 Sachin Shetty, Melbourne Jun 7 2011 10:56:45
Kanajar Doddamane Cries for Attention
Dear Kanajar family, please don't let your heritage die! Try to make a trust of your family and collect the share as per personal capacity. Renovate the house without spoiling the heritage values. You may contact Dr Alva of Moodubidri for guidance, or get some tips from Mr Dinakara Shetty (New Medicals) Kundapur. (skillful worker and guidance). He renovated his old house spending Rs. 25 lakh now it is a big asset for community as well as family. Now it's commercial value is of few crores.
It will be great tourist place within a decade. Even all Kanajar community can support for this venture to retain the history of the village.
- DK Heritage Lovers
 Bharathi Hegde, Kanajar Feb 25 2011 17:13:37
Lourdes Church History
I would like to know more information about Das Hegde who donated land to build the church in 1937. I would love to know his legacy and their descendants also.
 Ivan, Mallibettu/UAE Dec 23 2010 23:48:41
Wishing you all Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year 2011. My love to all at Kanajar. I am far away from you. But I love my birth place Kanajar & parish priest Fr. Alwyn for his contribution to Kanajar.
 Ivan, Kanajar/UAE Dec 23 2010 23:13:33
Renovated Lourdes Church Re-opened
I am proud to say Fr. Alwyn has made a remarkable contribution to build Kanajar and one of the best priest in Kanajar history. Why I am saying this is he loves rich and the poor alike. If we look on olden days Kanajar is just developing. But after arrival of Fr. Alwyn things changed very quickly. All Kanajar parishioners pray for him. He is very simple and always helping poor. Pray for me father if you receive my message. I am really expecting to help you to possible extent.
 Carol Martis, Kuwait Dec 21 2010 15:39:03
KWAK Volley ball and Throw ball Tournament
Hi Kanajar President & Team, Very well organized.. we enjoyed the game... God bless u all.
 Anil Fernandes, Muscat Dec 7 2010 22:05:04
Renovated Lourdes Church Re-opened
Renovation of church done beautifully, looks like new one. Thanks to parish priest & committee. May, Our Lady of Lourdes bless all Kanajar community.
 Pavan, Texas Apr 5 2010 02:30:29
Wow! Love this website made for Kanajar

 Paul Mendonca, USA Mar 30 2010 08:42:14
Herald Monis Awarded
Congratulations from All of us at the Mendonca Family.
Uncle Julian, Aunty Pauline, Albert, Kaushali, Kaush, Louis, Greta and all the family.

 Edward D'Souza, Palli/Kuwait Mar 30 2010 17:17:56
Herald Monis Awarded
Herry my best friend and neighbor. He is really a hard worker from childhood, congrats yaar. Hope you will get many more awards in the future.

 Philomena Khosla (nee Aranha), UK Apr 4 2010 22:55:01
Herald Monis Awarded
Dear Harry, Congratulations on your achievement. Wishing you all the best for the future!

 Praveen, Accenture-Bangalore Mar 20 2010 12:04:10
Herald Monis Awarded
Congrats, on the milestone achievement. Hope, you get many more like this.
Wishes from your students - Praveen and Ashok

 Harry Furtado, Kalmady Mar 19 2010 17:45:55
Herald Monis Awarded
Hi Harry I am really proud of you. Its nice to see your pic receiving the Prize. May the Good God Bless you and I wish and pray all the best for your future projects.

 Joylus Fernandes, Barkur/Bangalore Mar 19 2010 06:50:32
Herald Monis Awarded
Nice Work Sir... You are the best example for the word "Hard Work". In you I can see the real meaning of Lecturer cum Freind. You really deserve the such "AWARDS" like this. I wish all the very Best and success to you in Future too.

 Clifford, Canada Mar 10 2010 07:42:31
Henry Britto Elected KWAK President
Congrats Henry (mama). Wish you all the best.

 Jessy, Kodimane Nov 8 2009 01:41:44
Monalisa Beauty Parlor Opened
Hi, good news to Kanajarieans. Finally somethings in Ranganapalke. Whoever has come forward to the ladies saloon, hats off to them. Keep it up. Thank you.

 Lawrence Saldanha, Kuwait Oct 13 2009 18:42:02
Monalisa Beauty Parlor Opened
Dear friends, It is good to know that a new Ladies Beaty Parlour has been opened in our Ranganpalke Metro City. Although the number of ladies customers in the vicinity for the parlour may not be encouraging, there is hope in the future as the Little Flower High School grows to College. However, ladies parlours are generally not run on ground floor shutter shops but on first floors of commercial buildings or in private residences.
Meanwhile, the Gents saloon in Ranganpalke badly needs some face lift to be suitable for NR guys on vacation.

 Peter Noronha, Belle/Dubai Oct 9 2009 03:44:14
Hi Kanajarian parishioners, I am seeing your website first time and liked it. Wish you all the best in future.

 Prakash Britto, Kanajar/Doha Sep 16 2009 17:31:26
Monthi Festh 2009
Great photography of Monthi Fest. I am very Happy to see you in these pictures. Mother Mary bless all of us.

 Manvel Herald Gomes, Kanajar/Kuwait Sep 10 2009 23:17:59
Monthi Festh 2009
Dear Parishioners, I am very happy to see you in these beautiful photographs. Mother Mary bless & protect all of us.

 Eugine D'Souza, Sacred Heart Parish, Andheri East (Vallumbala) Apr 21 2009 18:41:06
Kanajar Sauharda Bhavan Inauguration
Dear Parish Priest Fr. Alwyn D'Cunha & Kanajarians,
I am blessed and happy to know that a wonderful community development project has shaped up by the leadership and generous hearts of Kanajarians and well wishers from across the globe. Today I am proud to say that I am a Kanajarian and the good works and thoughts that your leadership and team has shown towards the community developments praise worthy. You demonstrated a example in creating God's Kingdom on earth through pastoral and community activities. I remember when my mother told me about this sometime 2 years back to donate some kind and now I feel whatever I gave that time has come reality and brought satisfaction to me because you multiplied that a hundred folds and built this spectacular facility for the community. Thus I learned that generosity can change and bring marvels only if we are ready to share and see beyond self needs. This recalls me today's Bible reading which reads that early basic Christian community had very strong community values and they shared among themselves whatever they had and sold whatever they had in excess submitted at the feet of apostles which was distributed and shared with others etc. This work of your team and leadership is a replication of building the same community values. United we stand and can move the mountains! We need more and more community development works to show our fellow non-catholic brothers that we are the people anointed by the Holy Spirit through our Baptism, sent forth by Jesus Christ to make disciples of all people by our good works to proclaim God's kingdom and love. It is your vision, values, belief and strong faith in the Lord Jesus which has made us the project possible and Kanajarians proud today. I thank all the people who have contributed towards various kinds and means toward this great cause and shown the community spirit for our fellow brethren's development. You are really generous people!
Congratulations and Three cheers!
May God Bless us abundantly and shower his choices blessings.
Thanks and regards,

 Antony Miranda, Kanajar/Kuwait Apr 20 2009 00:10:50
Kanajar Sauharda Bhavan Inauguration
Dear Fr. Alwyn and all parishioners of Kanajar congratulations on occasion of Blessing & Inauguration of Kanajar Sauharda Bhavan.
Antony Miranda,
President, Kanajar Welfare Association, Kuwait (KWAK)

 Melvin Mendonca, Dubai Nov 1 2008 00:28:28
Thomas Sequeira ...
I am delighted to hear this news. It is indeed a great credit and a thing of great pride for all Mangalorians. Keep going. Good luck!

 Joel Aranha, Bhopal Oct 11 2008 16:51:34
I would like to congratulate Kanajar.com team for their tremendous hard work in giving the various happenings of our parish. May God bless you all.

 Louis D'Souza, Muscat Oct 11 2008 11:03:57
Thomas Sequeira ...
Dear Mr. Thomas Sequiera, Really you are a great personality! Keep it up. May God bless you and your family and wish you all the best for the years yet to come.

 Maria G Mendonca, USA Oct 9 2008 14:08:13
LKAE Monthi Festh 2008
Very nice to see Kanajarians from UAE with the big group.
God bless you all.

 Jacintha D'Souza, Vallumbala / Vasai (Mumbai) Sep 13 2008 13:57:17
Monthi Festh 2008
Nice to see the Monthi fest celebration by the community of Kanajar. Hope this traditional Monthi fest continues for the years to come.

 Sr. Pauline, Peru Sep 11 2008 20:56:26
Monthi Festh 2008
My dear brothers and sisters of Kanajar Community,
I feel proud of being an Indian and the parishioner of Kanajar. The faith of our people is great and the message of the Birthday celebration of our Mother make us alive and active to share the same spirit where ever we are with love and devotion to our Mother Mary who brought salvation to mankind through her Son. Thanks a million to you my brothers and sisters of Kanajar Community for making us feel at home through such wonderful programmes. Best wishes
May God bless us all.
Sr. Pauline Saldanha.OP
Peru (Ranganpalke)

 Precilla Richard D'Souza, Kuwait/Mangalore Sep 11 2008 20:25:47
Monthi Festh 2008
Real beautiful and wonderful job done by the Kanajarian's. It made me remember my childhood days, how we kids collected flowers. I miss my native place. Thank's to Kanajar.com.

 Preethi Mercy D'souza, Kuwait Sep 11 2008 20:56:26
Monthi Festh 2008
Excellent work done by the Kanajarian's for providing such memorable pics of Monthi Fest. Keep up the good work. I miss my grand mother place. and I miss the kobu.

 Maria Goretti Mendonca, Kanajar/USA Sep 11 2008 19:30:34
Monthi Festh 2008
Happy feast to all Kanajarians,
I was so proud to see Monthi fest celebration in the internet, felt I was in the midst. May Monthi Saibin keep you all Happy and prosperous throughout.
God bless you all.

 Edward Barboza, New Zealand Sep 11 2008 08:53:56
Monthi Festh 2008
Great Photography and Video coverage of Monthi Fest. Nice to see our Dynamic Fr. Alwyn, parishioners and our known and seen faces.
Excellent job done by the Kanajar.com. Keep up your good work.

 Eugine D'Souza, Vallumbala (Palli) / Mumbai Jul 3 2008 11:19:44
Dear Kanajarians,
I am thrilled, overwhelmed with heart throbs to see the website and developments in my hometown Kanajar. I couldn't hold my joy and penning few of my feelings and well wishes to all of you who have made it a success. Keep up the Good works!
I congratulate all the office bearers of various associations of our parish both in India and abroad and the Parish Priest and his team. Best Wishes to all the association that are instrumental to bring this message our Land - Kanajar to all the children of it who have spread across the Globe. I am sure this has touched hearts of each of us when we have seen our Kanajar on the web and read about our own native and its people and places which is a priceless treasure, specially when you are away from all these our childhood sweet memories and our indebtedness to all that it has made us today and helped us to stand on our feet.
I still cherish to remember that we have now everything to cater our needs in Kanajar and I must say that had it not been the good will of all its people and leaders who have made this place a Landmark for us to cherish and remember wherever we may be!
Congratulations and Three Cheers!!
Best Wishes and God Bless you.
Eugine D'Souza & Family
Vallumbala - Palli( Andheri East Mumbai)

 Eugine D'Souza, Vallumbala (Palli) / Mumbai Jul 3 2008 10:58:17
Dr. Francis Barboza honored
Dear Dr. Barboza,
Greetings from D'Souza family Vallumbala (Palli) / Andheri Sacred Heart Parish.
Was nice to read about you on the net and developments of you. I am from your place Vallumbala, S/o Florine D'Souza. I remember meeting you last on Santacruz Rly station and after that we lost touch.
You are still my role model and I draw inspiration from you when my parents used to share about you during my childhood.
My the LORD Jesus bless all your endeavors to spread the word through all your Art & Cultural endeavors.
I am working with Times Group now as Chief Manager Administration & Facilities.
Hope to meet you when you are in India.
Best Luck & Best Wishes.
Eugine D'Souza

 Preethi Mercy D'Souza, Mangalore/Kuwait Jun 22 2008 21:07:13
Dear Kanajarian's, I am happy to see the events at Kanajar. Thanks for the World Wide Web of Kanajar.com. Thanks to Kanajar Welfare Association.

 Mathew Lopez, Honnavar Jun 20 2008 14:10:33
Neketr Phanteachem - Devotional Songs
Wonderful songs! I like it. All the singer's voice is very good.

 Precilla D'Souza, Mangalore/Kuwait Jun 18 2008 17:02:43
Kanajar is my birth place. Good to see the events at Kanajar. Special thanks to the Kanajar Welfare Association. God bless Kanajarians and their future endeavors.

 Victor, Kuwait Jun 15 2008 10:50:24
Sri Gopal Bhandary felicitation
I agree with Mr. Louis D'Souza. Leaders of other religions did not felicitate Mr.Bhandary nor they went to his office. Mr. Bhandary visits temples to seek blessings; while in Udupi Mr. Bhat and Mr. Acharya visited churches in a gesture to boost minorities' confidence.

 Eugine D'Souza, Mumbai Jun 10 2008 12:56:45
Dear Kanajarians,
Wonderful to see you all online and read about our lush green and talented Kanajar. More so to know such beautiful events are organized by us.
If somebody asked me what is best place that you would like to be on your holiday? I would invariable say- Kanajar. Because that is the first place of my life. Specially I am proud that my own batchmates and schoolmates now doing wonderful cultural development abroad with modern cultural programes and Indian Traditions with bond of love and association. I must reiterate that this is a Golden event in the history of Kanajar Welfare Association - Kuwait. My heartfelt thanks to all the office bearers and dignitaries who made this a memorable event.
I pray for & seek God's choicest blessings on you that you may continue your good works.
Wonderful Kanajarians & Three cheers!
Best regards,
Dev Boren Karun!
Eugine D,Souza
Mumbai / Kanajar

 Louis D'Souza, Muscat Jun 10 2008 12:07:11
Sri Gopal Bhandary felicitation
As per my opinion, this is not correct to keep healthy relation with local public.

 Preethi Devadiga, Kuwait Apr 23 2008 18:35:47
Congratulations on the grand success of the KIDCHAMP 2008, every one enjoyed, good to see program like this and children will get encouraged. Keep it up. Thanks to Kanajar Welfare Association.

 Lawrence Saldanha, Kanajar Apr 21 2008 12:30:23
Dear friends,
By the grace of Lord Almighty and the hard work put in by KWAK management committee members, the first ever major event organized by Kanajar Welfare Association Kuwait was a huge success with capacity crowd enjoying every bit of the entire 4 hours program. The theme of this program, "Dance competition" was carefully selected to be accommodative of all walks of life rather than limiting to a selected community. Universal (non-communal) themes like Sports, Dance etc are the bridges for different communities to come together and we strongly believe that it is the only way forward for the World to remove hatred & violence and restore love & peace.
Through this media, I wish to thank the Almighty for making our program successful and pray Him to shower His choicest blessings on all KWAK members. I also wish to thank all KWAK management committee members without taking any particular name (although I am aware that some of them have worked very hard sacrificing their own commitments) and congratulate them for making their own program a grand success.
I also wish to thank Dr. Francis Barboza for taking his valuable time to make his presence here and his 30 minutes performance truly mesmerized the crowd.
Last but not the least, I wish to thank www.kanajar.com for continued the publicity for the program as well as for KWAK.

Best regards,
Lawrence Saldanha, Kanajar

 Mary Goretti Mendonca, USA Mar 23 2008 13:27:05
Dear Kanajarians,
Wish you all Happy Easter. May risen Lord bless you all.

 Thomas Saldanha Mar 9 2008 10:02:16
Dear Inas & Flavy bai (Kuwait),
Congratulations on this great achievement, we wish Sharol further success in academics.
Thomas-Lavina, Dalia, Johan Saldanhaz

 Rose Mendonca Mar 6 2008 14:33:06
Dear Inas & Flavy,
Hearty congratulations on Sharol Menezes topping the university in her final year of MBBS. I can understand how proud you parents must be feeling at your daughter's success.
May Almighty God bless you with many more proud moments in the future and guide Sharol to reach greater heights.
Best Regards,
Lancy, Rose, Rochelle, Rouella & Rowena

 Victor Mascarenhas Jan 10 2008 23:06:15
Wishing a Happy New Year to all the parish members of Kanajar
By Team Mangaloremithr.com
Visit www.mangaloremithr.com

 Sr. Pauline Saldanha OP Jan 7 2008 01:12:19
Dear Sisters and Brothers of Kanajar,
Wish you a very happy and a prosperous New Year 2008.
May you be blessed by the Lord with the greatest wealth of health and happiness.
Sr. Pauline.OP

 Mary Goretti Mendonca Jan 2 2008 15:33:00
Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2008.

 Fr. Denzil Crasta SVD Oct 18 2007 22:07:01
Happy to know about the developments in Kanajar.
Thanks to kanajar.com
Gods Blessings
Fr. Denzil

 Jyothi D'Souza Sep 21 2007 13:34:15
Good to see the events at Kanajar.
Keep it up...
Jyothi Aranha (D'Souza)

 Edward Barboza Sep 18 2007 08:33:27
Monthi Fest 2007
I am overwhelmed and thrilled to see the Video and Photos of Monthi Fest celebration at Kanajar. Looking at the photo/video my memory went back to my days in Kanajar, except the KOBU. "Thydala amka kobu dinathelye, atha ek lambu kobu meltha!!!"
Thanks to Srikanth for wonderful and excellent photography.
Are there any Kanajarians over here in New Zealand?
Thanks to Prakash and Vinod for their great work and dynamic role in maintaining Kanajar.com.

 Mary Goretti Mendonca Sep 13 2007 19:25:54
Monthi Fest 2007
Wonderful event of Monthi fest and foundation of new Sabha Bhavan!!!!
May Mother Mary bless this new construction. I am very glad and impressed with the video in the Kanajar.com. Though I am not in Kanajar right now I felt that I was very much in the midst. God bless Kanajarians and their future endeavors.

 Sr. Pauline OP Sep 2 2007 02:41:00
Thanks a lot for this Discussion Forum - a linkage to Kanajarians. I feel very much at home though I am thousands of miles away.
Best wishes from PERU - the land of one of the 7 Wonders of the World.
Sr. Pauline Saldanha OP
Ranganapalke (now Peru)

 Sangeetha Aug 21 2007 16:08:28
Good to see all the events at Kanajar.
Even though I am away from Kanajar I can see the latest updates.
All the best,
Sangeetha D'Souza

 Nagendra Aug 17 2007 09:47:56
Hi friends,
Its very nice to see our Kanajaru on the Web.

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