Wilfred Mendonca Elected President of LKAE Family

🕓 May 6, 2016

Dubai, May 6: Wilfred Mendonca has been unanimously elected president of Lourdes Kanajar Association Emirates (LKAE).
He is the 10th president of the family since its inception 15 years ago.

The Easter party celebrations began by conducting the election for the new managing committee.

The following members were elected unanimously for the next tenure:
Core Committee:
Wilfred Mendonca - President
Juliet Barboza - Vice president
Nisha Vijay Barboza - General secretary
James D'Souza - Treasurer
Leo Mendonca - Sports coordinator
Seema Sequeira - Cultural secretary
Committee members:
Stan D'Souza, Lawrence D'Souza, Frank Lobo, Vijay Barboza, Austin Barboza, Sunilla Diana D'Souza, Alwyn D'Souza, Joy D'Souza, Joseph Rebello, Kevin Saldanha, Nisha D'Souza, Hanila D'Souza, Diana Rebello, Prakash Saldanha, Linal Menezes, Franklin D'Souza, Melwin Mathias, Colin Menezes, Don D'Sa, Sylvan Lobo

The outgoing president, Austin Barboza thanked all the parishioners for their wholehearted support and also acknowledged the good work carried out by the committee in the last few years.

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